Third Party Procurement Monitoring


In 1999, KIBO Labs acquired Swipco, a Swiss company specializing in providing procurement optimization services to governments.  Third Party Procurement Monitoring (TPPM) is a service product created by Swipco to eliminate corrupt practices and technical deficiencies in government tenders issued for the procurement of goods and services.  KIBO’s TPPM services consist of the following:

Monitoring of procurement and certification
KIBO audits all tender documents (request for proposals, evaluation criteria, evaluation results) to identify deficiencies. A document that complies with good procurement practices and is legally, technically, and financially sound obtains certification.

Technical assistance
If the tender documents are found to be deficient, KIBO specialists are assigned to improve their quality.  Reports containing expert advice are given to the client so that documentation can be optimized accordingly.

Database maintenance
All relevant information and communications arising from the client’s procurement and contracting are recorded in a database.  KIBO provides various proprietary software programs and databases for the efficient processing of procurement.

TPPM does not replace the government’s role, but instead improves its capacity, providing technical recommendations the client government may choose to implement or disregard.

Because procurement involves such a wide spectrum of goods, services, and financial models, the technical assistance KIBO provides is performed by a strong in-house team of seasoned procurement experts supported by a vast network of external consultants specializing in disciplines particular to each procurement.