KIBO, LLC is a United States company dedicated to providing governments worldwide its services of inspection, analysis, certification, and compliance. KIBO is a fully owned subsidiary of Alex Stewart International LLC (ASI), the largest independently owned company in the world providing services, in the metals, minerals and oil sectors. In 2001, KIBO, LLC acquired the proprietary know-how and related personnel from the Swiss Procurement Company International, LLC (SWIPCO), who originally developed and deployed Third Party Procurement Monitoring TPPM to dozens of international clients. With this expertise, KIBO has successfully developed and implemented new, cutting edge programs that resolve challenging issues in areas such as curbing the importation and manufacturing of counterfeit products and enhancing government tax revenue collections. 


George Canovas
Executive Vice President
of Business Development

OFFICE +1 202 333 0159
EMAIL gcanovas@kibolab.com

1000 Potomac Street NW Suite 400
Washington, D.C. 20007